Shrimp and Ham Rice Paper Rolls w/ Peanut Sauce- Gỏi Cuốn


Rice Paper Rolls - Gỏi Cuốn 

Fresh rolls of cilantro, bean sprouts, lettuce, vermicelli noodles and your choice of:

Shrimp & Ham - Tôm & Chả Lụa $6

Tofu - Đậu Hủ $6

Grilled Chicken - Gà Nướng $6

Grilled Pork - Thịt Nướng $6

Grilled Flank Steak - Bò Nướng $7

[Served with our house-made fish sauce or peanut sauce]


Pot Stickers - Hoành Thánh Chiên Hoặc Hấp 

Pan-fried or steamed dumplings served with our house-made ginger soy sauce with your choice of protein:


Chicken – Gà $7

Pork - Heo $7


Fried Tofu - Đậu Hủ Chiên $6

Fried tofu served on a bed of lettuce and with a side of sweet and sour sauce

Eggrolls - Chả Giò $8

Fried rolls of grounded pork and chicken served with a side of lettuce, cucumber, cilantro, and fish sauce


Dao Tien Wings - Cánh Gà Chiên $11

Lightly - battered wings tossed in our original sweet and spicy sauce

Calamari - Mực Chiên $10

Fried squid served on a bed of lettuce and with a side of spicy mayo

Crab Rangoon - Bánh Cua Chiên $6

Fried cheese wontons served with sweet and sour sauce


Fresh French Baguette w/ Grilled Pork - Thịt Nướng


Fresh La Bonne Bouche Baguettes with mayonnaise, pate*, butter, cucumber, jalapeños, cilantro, pickled carrots and radish, and your choice of protein:


Vietnamese Sausage & Ham - Chả Lụa & Lỗ Tai Heo* $6

Sunny-Side Up Eggs - Ốp La $6

Fried Tofu - Đậu Hủ Chiên $6

Grilled Chicken -Gà Nướng* $6

Grilled Pork - Thịt Nướng* $7

Grilled Flank Steak - Bò Nướng* $8

Combination - Đặc Biệt* $8


Your choice of papaya or lettuce, mixed with pickled carrots and radish, basil, cilantro, peanuts, fried onions, our original house-made dressing, and your choice of protein:

Fried Tofu - Đậu Hủ Chiên $10

Grilled Chicken - Gà Nướng $10

Grilled Pork - Thịt Nướng $12

Grilled Flank Steak - Bò Nướng $14

Grilled Shrimp - Tôm Nướng $14



Your selection of a bowl of vermicelli noodles or a platter of broken rice served with fish sauce and your choice of protein

Tofu - Đậu Hủ $10

Grilled Chicken -Gà Nướng $11

Grilled Pork - Thịt Nướng $12

Grilled Flank Steak- Bò Nướng $13

Flank Steak Stir-Fry - Bò Xào $14

Grilled Shrimp - Tôm Nướng $14

Eggrolls - Chả Giò $12

Combination - Đặc Biệt $14

[Served with our house-made fish sauce]





Grilled Pork Rice Vermicelli w/ Hand rolled Eggroll - Thịt Nướng



Fresh soup with choice of noodles and protein, topped with onions and cilantro and served with a side of beansprouts, basil, jalapeños, and lime


Rare Beef - Tái $11

Meatball - Bò Viên $11

Rare Beef & Meatball - Tái Bò Viên $12

Rare Beef & Brisket - Tái Nạm $12

Rare Beef & Tendon - Tái Gân $12

Rare Beef & Tripe - Tái Sách $12

Combination - Đặc Biệt $14


Chicken - Gà $11

Wonton - Mì Hoành Thánh $14

Spicy Lemongrass - Bò Huế $14

Tofu & Vegetables - Chay $12

Seafood - Đồ Biển $16


Chicken Noodle Soup


Crispy Rice Noodle w/ Mixed Veggies and Beef - Bò


Rice stir-fried with eggs, beansprouts, onions and your choice of protein:

Egg - Trứng $9

Tofu & Vegetables - Chay $11

Chicken - Gà $10

Pork - Heo $11

Beef - Bò $12

Combination - Dương Châu $14

Shrimp - Tôm $14

SeafoodĐồ Biển $16


Noodles stir-fried with mixed veggies and your choice of protein:

Tofu - Đậu Hủ $11

Chicken - Gà $12

Pork - Heo $13

Beef - Bò $14

Combination - Đặc Biệt $17

Shrimp - Tôm $16

SeafoodĐồ Biển $18







Pad Thai Đào Tiên Chicken – Gà


Clay Pot - Kho Tộ  

Simmered with our special sauce, onions, and butter and placed in a clay pot. Choose from:


Chicken – Gà $11

Tofu - Đậu Hủ $10

Shrimp - Tôm $16

Swai Fish - Cá $20 (Please allow 20-30 min.)

Our Specials - Đặc Biệt

Our original stir fry recipes with a side of white, brown, or fried rice (+$2) 

paired with pickled cabbage, radish and carrots, cucumber and tomatoes


Country Style Beef - Bò Lúc Lắc $20

Salted Pepper Tofu - Đậu Hủ Rang Muối $12

Salted Pepper Shrimp - Tôm Rang Muối* $18

Salted and Pepper Fish - Cá Chiên $20

Pad Thai Đào Tiên 

Our Original Pad Thai Recipe Stir-fried with rice noodles, bean sprouts, chives, tamarind sauce, lime, jalepenos, peanuts, and your choice of protein:


Tofu - Đậu Hủ $11

Chicken – Gà $12

Pork – Heo $13

Beef – Bò $14

Shrimp - Tôm $16

Seafood - Tôm $18



Your choice of stir-fry and a side of white, brown, or fried rice (+$3) 

with pickled cabbage, radish and carrots, cucumber and tomatoes

CHICKEN - Gà $11

Lemongrass Chicken -

Gà Xào Xả Ớt*

Curry Chicken -

Gà Xào Cà Ri* 

 Chicken & Vegetables -

Gà Xào Rau Cải 

Chicken & Broccoli -

Gà Xào Bông Cải

Ginger Chicken -

Gà Xào Gừng*

Sesame Chicken -

Gà Xào Mè

Hot Braised Chicken

Gà Kho Cay $14

Sweet & Sour Chicken

- Gà Chua Ngọt $14





BEEF - Bò $14

Lemongrass Beef -

Bò Xào Xả Ớt* 

Curry Beef -

Bò Xào Cà Ri* 

Beef & Vegetables -

Bò Xào Rau Cải 

Beef & Broccoli -

Bò Xào Bông Cải 

Ginger Beef -

Bò Xào Gừng* 

PORK - Heo $12

Lemongrass Pork -

Heo Xào Xả Ớt* 

Curry Pork -

Heo Xào Cà Ri* 

Pork & Vegetables -

Heo Xào Rau Cải 

Pork & Broccoli -

Heo Xào Bông Cải 

Ginger Pork -

Heo Xào Gừng* 


Lemongrass Tofu

Đậu Hủ Xào Xả Ớt 

Curry Tofu

Đậu Hủ Xào Cà Ri 

Tofu & Vegetables

Đậu Hủ Xào Rau Cải 

Ginger Tofu

Đậu Hủ Xào Gừng

 SHRIMP -  Tôm $16

Lemongrass Shrimp -

Tôm Xào Xả Ớt*

Curry Shrimp -

Tôm Xào Cà Ri* 

Shrimp & Vegetables -

Tôm Xào Rau Cải 

Shrimp & Broccoli -

Tôm Xào Bông Cải 

Ginger Shrimp -

Tôm Xào Gừng

Curry Shrimp Stir Fry w/ White Rice and Pickled Vegetables - Tôm Xào Cà Ri*

Tapioca bubble milk tea(Tapioca bubble d

Jasmine Hot Tea $2

Freshly - Squeezed Limeade $5

Young Coconut $6

Iced Coffee with Condensed Milk $5


Coke Products $2.5

Diet/Regular Coke


Fanta Orange

Dr. Pepper

Mello Yellow

Pink Lemonade

Brisk Iced Tea

Boba Smoothies $5

Matcha     Honeydew     Jackfruit

Taro    Chocolate     Mango 

Custard Fruit     Coconut     Vanilla

Watermelon     Passion Fruit   

Caramel     Strawberry     Mixed Fruit

Avocado $6


Boba Milk Tea $5





Coconut Sticky Rice $5

Fried Banana $6